Jana Krenova
Few people combine the European sophistication and American hipness that photographer Jana Krenova is becoming internationally known for. Sexy yet extremely down-to-earth herself, she has a unique eye and has developed a real talent for presenting the female body in the most flattering--and provocative--ways. Over the past 15 years, her photographs have graced the covers and filled countless pages of American and international lingerie, fashion, skin and fetish magazines and catalogues. Jana has also done portraits, head shots, gallery openings and live events. In the 1990s she earned a reputation, and passionate following, from her work for leg fetish publications, which featured old-fashioned nylons as well as au courrant pantyhose. Jana's appreciation for female beauty always leads her to new ways of seducing both subject *and* viewer through the lens. As the 21st century dawned, Jana stretched her artistry into video. When not in one of her home studios in New York City or Prague, she is likely in some remote corner of the globe, enjoying life and chronicling it from behind one of her many viewfinders.

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