Jana Krenova
Born in Prague just before Russian tanks rolled in, Jana nevertheless enjoyed a rare freedom, owing to her parents' talent as photographers and their spirit of adventure. As a student in her native land, she studied graphic design and specialized in photography. Her talent was apparent early on, for her very first job was as a staff photographer for the prestigious Czech Press Agency.
But in her soul, Jana always knew her eventual home would be the United States, and she escaped the communist regime and landed with a loud thump in the heart of New York during one of its most creative eras. Even while partaking of all the fun and temptations the Big Apple had to offer, she took an arts degree, and graduated cum laude in Art & Communication Media from Hunter College in the mid-80s.
In 1985 she couldn't resist an offer from a Swiss TV magazine, and returned to Europe to work again as a staff photographer. There, in Zurich, she shot portraits of top film and television personalities. As she was reimmersing herself in European culture, she photographed her first nude pictorial, which was published in no less an entity than German Penthouse--a very soft-core version of the US edition. But the subject was no stranger: it was her best friend, who strolled nude for the camera through the streets of Zurich. Backdrops included Ivanna in front of the opera house, at the train station and in a cemetery. For her efforts, Jana won the magazine's "woman of the month" distinction.
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